Bonus clip: “My Love, My Love” by Jared Hernandez

Episode #29 featured a never-before released song, “My Love, My Love,” performed live by musician Jared Hernandez. And now it is available for your listening pleasure as a special single!   

It’s got melody, acoustic guitar, great lyrics, and a Beatles vibe to it. Make this song part of the soundtrack to your life.

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#29 The Best Song I Never Sung by Jared Hernandez

What does a musician do with an unfinished song that was buried in the creative trenches for years?  He finally finishes it and performs it on a podcast for the very first time. Musician Jared Hernandez sings “My Love, My Love,” and then discusses its meaning, writing process, and baseball analogies with David.

Episode available on, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.