The Team

Host/Producer: David Ngo

David is a current writer and filmmaker, sometime professor, past reality TV executive, always a pop culture enthusiast, and future podcast veteran.  He humbly thanks his friends and his guests for helping him create this podcast.  David’s creative portfolio.

Original Theme Song Composed by Robert Trucios

Robert is the most interesting man in the world.  Music is only one of his numerous talents. Robert’s website

Theme Song Lyrics by Jin Yoo-Kim, David Ngo, and Robert Trucios

Theme Song Performed by Mika Yamamura

Web Development and Web Design: Ben Ackerman

Ben is the internet. The world should rename “www” to “ba”.  His knowledge of the digital world is vast and impressive. (Ben’s Twitter @benackerman)

Operations:  Ben Ackerman

Per above, Ben is the internet.

Cover Art and Title Design by Lindy Shibata and Mika Yamamura 

Lindy and Mika wish to remain mysterious, but their talent is not.  I will mention it here.

Social Media: Jennifer Kim, Jin Yoo-Kim, David Ngo

Jennifer is the master of slang, social media marketing, and boba.  She’s a multi-threat person. (Jennifer’s Instagram @jenniferoliviakim)

Special Audio Advisor: Kim Patrick

Anything is Kim Possible.  She’s awesome.