#41 Tarot Card Visitor by David Ngo

From a tarot reading to an important visitor from his own past, the best untold story from the world of this very podcast gets revealed by host David Ngo. TV writer Lindsay Villareal joins David for this personally meaningful episode.

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#16 The Apartment Nightmare from Hell by Maria Ochoa

**This episode is dedicated in loving memory of Maria Ochoa and will be available for listening as a tribute to her spirit.**

David tries to process the tarot card reading he receives from Community Organizer Maria Ochoa before she shares her untold story about the Los Angeles apartment nightmare from hell.

From Maria: Know your rights as a tenant. Call or visit the Housing Department of your local city. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, visit HCID at https://hcidla.lacity.org/fair-housing or call 1-866-557-7368. And be sure to utter the words, “I want to file a complaint because…” For general fair housing advice in Los Angeles, you can visit SAJE (http://www.saje.net) or call 213-745-9961. You can also obtain free legal advice from the Inner City Law Center. (http://www.innercitylaw.org)

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